Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of residents, and to foster a supporting and loving environment.


The mission of The Conservancy of Historic Washington Park has a two-fold effect: To improve and uplift the quality of life for the entire neighborhood through advocacy efforts; and to promote its historical, residential, business and public transportation assets, working to promote a public park that improves the quality of life through safe, clean and well-maintained green space and high-quality facilities.


Central to our work is preserving and celebrating the history of Historic Washington Park.


Our vision is to maintain and enhance a high quality of life that will continue to attract families to carry on its legacy by: Celebrating the neighborhood’s rich Black history + culture; Providing safe, high-quality and affordable housing + businesses; Providing access to safe, high-quality and diverse parks, recreation, social, and cultural programs and events; and Providing access to safe, high- quality streets, sidewalks, trails, and transit opportunities.