Neighborhood Visioning Plan


The Washington Park May 2015 Neighborhood Visioning Plan was created in a strategic partnership with The Conservancy at Historic Washington Park, the Atlanta Regional Commission - Community Development and the City of Atlanta Office of Planning.

The purpose of the Washington Park Neighborhood Visioning Plan is to develop a community-driven vision for the neighborhood that will serve as a guide for the improvement, redevelopment, and revitalization of the area. Specifically, this plan:

  • Identifies and leverages existing neighborhood assets to attract new residents and commercial tenants, therefore increasing the number of jobs and businesses to serve the community;

  • Promotes transit-supportive redevelopment of underutilized commercial areas;

  • Encourages the improvement and redevelopment of vacant residential parcels as well as the improvement and rehabilitation of deteriorated buildings and;

  • Plans for well-maintained and used green spaces.