The Conservancy at Historic Washington Park

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The Conservancy at Historic Washington Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Atlanta, GA that works to preserve the history of Historic Washington Park, and to advocate on behalf of the residents and the neighborhood. The Conservancy also works on behalf of Ashby Circle Play Lot and Charles Harper Memorial Park.

Heman E. Perry

Heman E. Perry

Celebrating 100 years

Atlanta’s First Black Park

Historic Washington Park is the first planned Black suburb in the City of Atlanta. Developed by local businessman and entrepreneur Heman E. Perry in 1919, the neighborhood was home to some of the city’s most influential community leaders and movers and shakers in the Black community and Black-owned businesses and institutions. Today, Historic Washington Park continues to have many great assets that have helped maintain its relative stability; most notably the presence, dedication, and zeal of many of the families that have made the neighborhood a pillar of the Black community.


Fostering Community

Community Programs

The Conservancy at Historic Washington Park offers inclusive programming for all residents to build community, support and educate children and seniors, and to preserve the history of the neighborhood and park. Our programs include Camp Best Friends, Our Westside Story, Celebrating 100 Years, along with other community events.